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Neruthes (a.k.a. J.N.)


Product Designer @—08/2017)

Responsibilities included: Collect demands internally and externally; Solution brainstorming; Functionality prototyping; Interaction design; Visual design; Developer communication.

Pushed the product design iteration for all components. Pushed the introduction of Project Gibraltar (a new data collecting and monitoring service). Introduced important features including timeline, deep crawling, single-element extraction, support for AJAX contents, and monitoring.

UI/UX @—10/2016)

Designed a few new products including Teacher Console and Testalent. Introduced new visual taste to the main site.

General participation in marketing to some extent; designed marketing materials for hosted and sponsored events.

Designer @—05/2015)

Designed visual identity. Started reworking product design since 03/2015.

Solely worked on UI/UX for 5 projects; provided consulting of UI/UX and product design for 4 projects; further engaged in development process for 1 project, which were initiated in Shixian community.



Research and practice user expecience design principles with logic and empathy.

Graphic Design

Experienced in various media, e.g. Posters, Websites, Album Artworks, Publications, and Corporate Identity. See portfolio.



Select a font randomly and display its sample image, designer, foundry, and brief introduction. The information is gathered from API; the gathering and maintaining are automated with Node.js script.

Featured on Webdesigner News and Design+Code, etc. Gained 3400+ unique visitors within 2 days since initially published on Designer News (according to Google Analytics). Ranked in Alexa Global websites top 1,000,000 since September 2016.

Know Your Font

The typography adventure. A web game that consists of 3 chapters with 18 challenges inside respective, and each challenge asks the player to select one text sample (among three) that corresponds to the given font name.


Yet another color reference website. Inspired by iOS 7.


Publish text files online over GitHub Pages but only visitors with certain share links can decrypt the contents.

Tieba To Book

A project which allows a users to read a thread of Tieba with progress tracking. Especially useful for reading threads where the author publishes chapters of a series in replies.


Yet another resume tool based on HTML+CSS. Create resume in the geek way, concerning portability, reusability, and compatibility. This resume is created with Yart.


A cartoon character, commonly considered an alien feline creature.